** PLEASE NOTE ** - this website will close on 26/08/16. After 26/08/16, you can find us at www.accessresource.com.au. We look forward to you visiting our new home.

We are Moving

Yes, really... ARMs Model IT is relocating to a new web address... you can now find us at www.accessresource.com.au. We haven't quite moved all our product as yet, so if you can't find what you are looking for at www.accessresource.com.au, you can still purchase from here for a little while longer. As well as keeping some of your old favoutires, we will be sourcing new and creative products to share with you; becoming a little more diversified.

And you can now purchase the AR ePublishing Moulding and Casting series as downloadable eBooks; just surf on over to Access Resource eBooks and take a squiz...

This website will close in the near future.. but we will give you plenty of notice, so just stay tuned...

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